Meme Hunt

The Ultimate Multiplayer Game

On Solana

Unleash Your Favorite Meme to Dominate the Game


Rainbow Bonk
Ponke Summer
WIF NightClub
Popcat Starlight
Daddy Tate

Explore Skins

Free Skins

Free skins are available to all players.

Community Skins

Obtain community skins by holding the respective memecoins.

Premium Skins

You can purchase premium skins with Bubbles. Unlock and upgrade mining abilities to earn more Bubbles.

NFT Skins

The most exclusive skins are available as NFTs. Trade your NFT skins on the Solana blockchain.

Play & Earn

Step 1

Sign In

You will need a Solana wallet to play Meme Hunt. We recommend Phantom Wallet.

Step 2

Daily Tasks

Complete daily tasks to earn Bubbles. The more tasks you complete, the more you earn.

Step 3

Refer Friends

Refer friends to earn Bubbles. Earn 20% of your friend's earnings and also earn from your friend's referral earnings.

Step 4

Play & Earn

Play Meme Hunt to earn Bubbles. The more you play, the more you earn.

Meme Hunt represents a groundbreaking integration of blockchain technology and gaming, designed to redefine the memecoin landscape. This innovative multiplayer game leverages the Solana blockchain to offer a dynamic gaming experience enriched with digital assets and community-driven features. Meme Hunt not only entertains but also serves as a platform for utility, engagement, and collective prosperity within memecoin communities.




40% Presale

20.4% Liquidity

15% Markteting & KOLs

15% CEX & Market Making

5% Airdrop

4.6% Foundation


The Meme Hunt Token ($MEHUNT) is designed as the cornerstone of the Meme Hunt ecosystem, serving as the governance token with a meticulously managed fixed supply. This token empowers holders with voting rights, enabling them to actively participate in key decision-making processes concerning the game's development, feature updates, and partnerships. The token's fixed supply underscores its value proposition, fostering scarcity and potential appreciation as the ecosystem expands and matures.


The BUBBLE token, is set to be launched on the Solana blockchain after we reach our target for daily active players, serves as the primary gaming token within the Meme Hunt ecosystem. Its goal is to become the most widely used gaming token in the Solana ecosystem. Bubbles will be used for in-game purchases and rewards. The token will be distributed to players through gameplay, community events, and partnerships.

Community Tokens

Meme Hunt has initiated strategic partnerships with prominent memecoin projects to bring more utility and excitement to our game environment. These partnerships are crucial as they allow us to integrate a variety of memecoins into our ecosystem, providing our users with a broader range of options and benefits. Each partnership is carefully selected based on community activity, tokenomics, and alignment with our long-term vision of fostering a sustainable memecoin environment.

Collective Prosperity

Memecoins aren't just about quick profits; they're about community building—uniting people with shared interests to achieve collective prosperity. Meme Hunt isn’t merely a game; its mission is to inject utility, fun and engagement into the memecoin universe.

Diamond Hands Score

Meme Hunt is for the diamond-handed, not the paper-handed. We are working to create a game that rewards long-term commitment and loyalty. The Diamond Hands Score is a measure of your commitment to the game and other community tokens. The higher your Diamond Hands Score, the more bubbles you will earn. We believe that the future of memecoins lies in the hands of the diamond-handed, and bubbles should be in the hands of those who truly believe in the game and the memecoins they support.

Community Voting

Meme Hunt is a platform for the memecoin universe. We believe that the best decisions are made collectively. Meme Hunt will enable memecoin communities to vote on their token's future development, partnerships, and rewards. We believe that the power of the community is the key to the success of memecoins. Meme Hunt is a platform for the memecoin universe to thrive and grow.

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